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TD-W9980 QuickSetup

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TP-Link TD-W9980 & TD-W9970 Web GUI

Below are screen shoots from the Web GUI for the TP-Link TD-W9980. The TD-W9970 is very similar.

This guide should help you set up your TP-Link TD-W9980 or TD-W9970 for FTTC. (BT Openreach Fibre in the UK)

TD-W9980 & TD-W9970 Quick Setup


Page 1. Quick Setup - Start

TD-W9980 quicksetup1.gif

Region and Time Zone

Page 2. Quick Setup - Region & Time Zone

TD-W9980 quicksetup2.gif

Operation Mode

Page 3. Quick Setup - Operation Mode

TD-W9980 quicksetup3.gif

Select ISP

Page 4. Quick Setup - Select ISP

The drop down box should contain various preconfigured UK ISPs. If your ISP is not listed chose 'Others'

Note: If the drop down box says ADSL_yourISP and you are setting up for VDSL - make sure you select 'others'

TD-W9980 quicksetup4.gif


Page 5. Quick Setup - DSL

Select ADSL or VDSL.

For UK FTTC (BTOpenreach Fibre): 
Select VDSL. 
Tick "Enable Vlan ID". 
Enter 101 for the VID.
TD-W9980 quicksetup5.gif

xDSL Connection Type

For UK FTTC (BTOpenreach Fibre): 
Select PPPoE

Page 6. Quick Setup - xDSL Connection Type

TD-W9980 quicksetup6.gif


For UK FTTC (BTOpenreach Fibre): 
Enter your ISP Username and password details.  Username will be in the format of

Page 7. Quick Setup - Wireless 2.4GHz

TD-W9980 quicksetup7.gif

Wireless 2.4GHz

Page 8. Quick Setup - Wireless 2.4GHz

TD-W9980 quicksetup8.gif

Wireless 5GHz

Page 9. Quick Setup - Wireless 5GHz

TD-W9980 quicksetup9.gif


Page 10. Quick Setup - Confirm

Check details and Click Save.
TD-W9980 quicksetup10.gif

--Kitz (talk) 23:17, 11 September 2014 (BST)kitz