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DMT Tool

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This wiki page is not complete and needs more work!

DMT Tool is a useful router tool which uses Telnet to access your router and allows various configuration changes via a Graphical Interface.

DMT Tool Versions

The version of DMT Tool that you need depends upon which router you have. The most commonly used versions in the uk are DMT v7 and DMT v8

DMT v7 works with the following routers:

  • Speedtouch 510v6, 516, 536, 546, 576, 585, 608, 706, 716, 780

DMT v8 works with the following routers:

  • Broadcom Routers - BCM 6338/6348/6358 adsl/adslctl tool
  • Belkin 7633, BT Voyager 210/2091/2100/2110,
  • D-link 2640B, DSL-2740B
  • Hitachi AH4222,
  • Linksys WAG54GS, WRT54G 4.0
  • Netgear DG834GT/DG834NB/DG834PNB, Netgear DG834G v4 only (need to also enter debug mode for the Netgears)
  • Siemens SL2-141-I/SLI-5300-I/CL-110-I,
  • Speedtouch 716g,
  • Speedport 500V/W500V, T-Sinus 1054 DSL,
  • US Robotics 9107/9108/Ndx 9113,

Download DMT Tool

DMT Tool versions can be downloaded from

The site is German but when you install DMT you have the option to select English.

A translation of the page can be viewed here.

DMT Tool Tutorials

The main site currently holds tutorials for using DMT Tool