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D Link DSL-2740B

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This router features the Broadcom BCM 6358 chipset.

The telnet interface provides excellent modification as well as the ability to configure your own Target SNR Margin.

The Router also works with the DMT Tool Version 8.


The most stable Firmware version for Unstable ADSL Lines from testing seems to be Version 2.73.

This is a Beta firmware but I have successfully used it for many years without any trouble, and it did greatly improve things with ADSL stability. The link to download it is below in the resources.


Details of using Telnet Interface are Here

For the commands used for the Telnet interface, See Here

Directory of Files/Firmware on D Link UK FTP Site

Firmware 2.73 with Improved ADSL Drivers

--Jid 14:43, 9 January 2012 (GMT)