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(IP filtering)
(DoS attack)
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Select the '''DoS attack''' option and check '''ICMP flooding''', '''SYN flooding''' and '''ARP attack'''. Left-click on '''Submit'''.
=== ACL setup ===
=== ACL setup ===

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Routing and firewall

Static routing


Dynamic routing


Firewall level


From the drop-down menu, choose Firewall level: BT, select the Delete level function and left-click on Submit.

Now choose Firewall level: Custom, enter a descriptive name into blank field and left-click on Submit.

MAC filtering


IP filtering


Select the IP filtering option and define two rules. The first, From-LAN, to allow all connections that originate on the LAN-side of the firewall access to the WAN-side. The second, From-WAN, to disable all connections that originate on the WAN-side of the firewall access to the LAN-side. Left-click on Submit.

Application filtering


DoS attack


Select the DoS attack option and check ICMP flooding, SYN flooding and ARP attack. Left-click on Submit.

ACL setup


Other advanced configuration pages

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