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About is one of the UK's largest adsl broadband resource & information sites. This site contains a wealth of adsl information such as how adsl broadband works. There's tips on choosing an ISP, and help comparing ISP prices. and ISP performance.

A large section of the site is devoted to self help diagnostics and what to do if you run into problems with your adsl connection, such as how to get adsl line stats from your router to understanding how such things as SNR and attenuation can affect your connection. There's also a vast array of tutorials and FAQs about broadband.

It is independently run, and unlike some broadband sites, we do not focus only on certain ISPs which pay commission. Although the site is well known and respected within the ISP industry, our position means that we are free to tell you 'as it is' and allows us to carry information on far more ISPs than most other broadband comparison sites.

About the Kitz Wiki

Much of the pages on the main site are static and the content can only be changed by the site owner.

The aim of the Kitz Wiki is to provide a searchable repository of useful broadband related facts and articles that can be added to or amended by a much wider designated content team.

About the Kitz Wiki Content Team

The Kitz Wiki Content Team comprises of trusted members of our community at Kitz Forums.

Content Team volunteers are respected members who often have a good understanding of broadband or other technical backgrounds.