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* [[Netgear_DG834GT|Netgear DG834GT]]
* [[Netgear_DG834GT|Netgear DG834GT]]
* [[Telnet|How to use a Modem/Router's Telnet Interface]]
* [[Telnet|How to use a Modem/Router's Telnet Interface]]
* [[BCM routers|Routers which have Broadcom DSL chipsets]]

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Modems and Routers

The equipment which connects to and forwards data from the Internet on to your home network.

Modems convert digital signals from your PC/Network into analog signals that can be transmitted over telephone cable in the local loop, and vice versa. In order to serve more than one computer, a modem needs to be connected to a router.

ADSL routers contain a modem combined with a router (and usually a network switch) in one piece of equipment.

Modem/Router Guides and Reviews

Listed below is a selection of modem/router specific reviews, guides or tutorials held on the Kitz wiki:

The main site at also holds several tutorials on the following modem/routers: