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System software

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Below are some links to useful system software applications.

System Information

  • Computer Profiler Details about your CPU, memory, operating system, even your computer's power source, are all displayed
  • Belarc Advisor Detailed profile of your installed software and hardware.
  • LAN Monitor Monitor your computer's connections to other computers (on your LAN, and on the Internet). See real-time traffic statistics
  • Motherboard Monitor Senses & displays information from your Mobo chip such as CPU, HDD, GFx and Mobo temperatures and fan speeds.
  • Directory Printer Print the names, and other information, of all folders and files on your computer
  • Snooper Keep track of the programs your computer runs, even when you're away.
  • Window Watcher See the hidden programs running on your computer.
  • Font Explorer See the fonts available on your computer

System Clean-up Tools

  • Cookie Viewer View Web browser "Cookies" left by the web site's you've visited.
  • CCleaner Removes unused and temporary files etc from your system
  • CCleaner tutorial Video tutorial for CCleaner.
  • CCEnhancer CCEnhancer is a third party application that extends support for @500 programs to the ever popular CCleaner program. (Note: this is NOT produced or supported by Piriform)

Other System Tools


  • TweakUI Access system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP default user interface. (Part of the Power Toys suite)
  • Sysinternals Site offering many Utility Tools for Windows.
  • GOD MODE ENABLER Simple enable/disable tool for Windows 7 GOD MODE, access all the hidden services,configuration pages and system information from a single page.(Sets GM icon on desktop.)


  • Karens Replicator Automatically backup files, directories, even entire drives!
  • Cobian Backup Open Source backup tool
  • SyncToy Synchronizes files and folders between locations
  • Robocopy Free Command Line based replication. Part of Windows Server Resource Kit.

--Kitz 11:24, 18 December 2011 (GMT)