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Kitz Wiki

Welcome to the Kitz Wiki which is intended as an extension to the main site at

The aim of the Kitz Wiki is to provide a searchable repository of useful broadband related articles and technical facts that can be added to or amended by our Wiki content team members.

For more info see About the Kitz Wiki.

This version: TEST Jun 2024.

This is 29 June 2024. SS

Kitz Wiki Content

A list of the content categories held in the Wiki can be found here: Wiki Categories.

This Top Level category listing can be used as a navigational directory tree.

Kitz Wiki Content Team

At present only designated content team members can add new pages or edit information.

If you wish to comment on any of the contents in this wiki or have an article for submission, you can either contact the site owner or discuss this in our community Kitz Forums (preferred method).

List of Useful Pages in the Kitz Wiki

June 2024

List of Useful Pages on the Main Site

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