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Huawei HG612 - Basic

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Huawei HG612 - Basic configuration

DSL configuration


The default configuration is for All to be selected. With that setting each mode will be tested, in turn, starting from VDSL2 and will cease once a stable sync with the remote DSLAM (or MSAN) has been obtained.

We see, above, ADSL2 selected, forcing that mode only to be used.

ATM connection


Here a typical PPPoA VCMUX encapsulated connection is configured, with a Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) of 0 and a Virtual Circuit Identifier (VCI) of 38.

PTM connection


Here all existing configuration parameters may be cleared.

WAN settings


The User name and Password to authenticate with the ISP should be entered on this page.

Ensure that the Wan connection, both Port bindings (to be able to use both of the LAN ports) and NAT are enabled.

LAN settings


The default IP address of the device is, with as the Subnet mask.

We see, above, that it has been reconfigured to use the address. The default Subnet mask remains appropriate.

Enable the DHCP server, specify the Start & End IP addresses of the range that should be made available to clients and set the Lease duration to one day.

Routing and firewall

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