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By default when navigating to the traffic shaper screen it defaults to the By Interface tab which is for ALTQ shaping, if you are using Limiters instead then you may find this patch useful, it will default to the Limiters tab.

In addition the OpenVPN screen will now default to Clients instead of Servers which is more likely for someone using pfSense at home in their broadband as it is the case for me. So saving clicks on navigation.

These are both in one patch as they modify the same file.

Paste the below code into the Patch Contents box.

Add a description such as 'Traffic shaper default to limiters, VPN default to client' in the Description box.

Set Path Strip Count to '0'.

Base Directory to '/usr/local/www/'.

---    2022-01-31 19:53:43.000000000 +0000
+++  2022-11-22 06:49:30.083874000 +0000
@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@
 $firewall_menu[] = array(gettext("NAT"), "/firewall_nat.php");
 $firewall_menu[] = array(gettext("Rules"), "/firewall_rules.php");
 $firewall_menu[] = array(gettext("Schedules"), "/firewall_schedule.php");
-$firewall_menu[] = array(gettext("Traffic Shaper"), "/firewall_shaper.php");
+$firewall_menu[] = array(gettext("Traffic Shaper"), "/firewall_shaper_vinterface.php");
 $firewall_menu[] = array(gettext("Virtual IPs"), "/firewall_virtual_ip.php");
 $firewall_menu = msort(array_merge($firewall_menu, return_ext_menu("Firewall")), 0);

@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@
 // VPN
 $vpn_menu = array();
 $vpn_menu[] = array(gettext("IPsec"), "/vpn_ipsec.php");
-$vpn_menu[] = array(gettext("OpenVPN"), "/vpn_openvpn_server.php");
+$vpn_menu[] = array(gettext("OpenVPN"), "/vpn_openvpn_client.php");
 //$vpn_menu[] = array(gettext("PPTP"), "/vpn_pptp.php");
 $vpn_menu[] = array(gettext("L2TP"), "/vpn_l2tp.php");
 $vpn_menu = msort(array_merge($vpn_menu, return_ext_menu("VPN")), 0);